The Anchor Room can help you learn to dance, whether you’ve been dancing for years or have never stepped foot onto the dance floor before.


We’re here to help you with any dance aspiration that you have – from dipping your toes into couples dancing to creating memorable wedding dance experiences to stealing the spotlight in a competition.


Learn to dance from a passionate and knowledgeable dance instructors who are committed to helping you learn to dance – regardless if you’ve never stepped foot on the dance floor before or you’ve been dancing for years.


Join a community of welcoming and inclusive dancers in Fort Wayne, Northern Indiana and North Western Ohio region. Dance communities are widely diverse and you can be a part of it!


The Anchor Room Dance Studio consists of instructors and staff who are friendly, professional, and will help you find the confidence to get on the dance floor and discover a new passion, create a memorable wedding experience, or give you the tools you need for a new social activity.


Begin or continue your dance journey with the Anchor Room!

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Benefits of Learning to Dance

Have you been thinking about learning to dance in the Fort Wayne area? From ballroom to swing to country to latin, there are many reasons why you should consider learning to dance today. There are incredible health, mind, and social benefits to starting your journey in dance. Here’s just a few!

It’s a fun way to lose weight and stay in shape.

While you’re dancing, you’re burning calories and building muscles. But the best part is that you don’t even realize that you’re exercising! You can burn anywhere between 200 – 400 calories in just 30 minutes of dancing. Most dance lessons run for about 45 minutes and social dances can last anywhere from 1 – 3 hours!

Learning to dance and practicing your dance moves will also have other health benefits, including increased flexibility, improved stamina, increased muscle strength, decrease blood pressure, and more. By continuing your dance journey, taking lessons, and having fun at social dances, you’ll help maintain your health and stay in shape.

It helps to improve mental health.

Participating in dance also has incredible mental health benefits. By learning to dance, like learning any other hobby or skill, will help your brain build new neural pathways, which are then reinforced as you continue to dance and learn. Ask any dancer and they’ll tell you that they feel much happier because of learning to dance.

But the benefits don’t stop there: by dancing and regularly training, dancers will also benefit from improved mental acuity, enhanced memory, alertness, awareness, focus, and concentration, improve spatial memory, and more. Learning to dance is also helpful in warding off stress, anxiety, and depression.

You’ll make new friends and join a welcoming social community.

Partnered dancing of any kind is social by nature. By learning to dance, you are picking up on an incredible social-oriented skill that can be used in virtually any city across the globe. There are dance communities everywhere and no matter where you go, being able to dance is a skill you can use almost anywhere to meet new people, make new friends, and join a community of like-minded people.

In the Fort Wayne area, there is a large and welcoming community of dancers who will gladly welcome you in. Dancers in our community are always happy to see someone stepping onto the dance floor for their first time, because they know what dancing has done for their life, both personally and socially. No matter how little experience you have with dancing, our community will welcome you in!

You’ll quickly build your self-confidence.

Learning to dance can be daunting and overwhelming for many people at first. That’s a fairly normal first stage for dancers, but rest assured it’s only temporary. As you work with a teacher one-on-one, participate in group classes, and/or join in during social dance parties, your confidence will start to build very quickly. The more you learn, the more competent a dancer will feel and their self-confidence will rise as a result.

Our community is welcoming and supportive, no matter how new you are to dancing. If you’re looking for an activity to boost your confidence levels and social skills, there’s nothing better than learning to dance.

It’s a creative form of self-expression.

Dancing of all kinds, including solo and partner dance styles, are perfect opportunities to embrace your creative side and be self-expressive. From the elegant flourishes and styling in smooth dances to the improvisational and interactive elements of West Coast Swing, every dance has the opportunity for you to put your own personality into every dance that you do.

The more you learn to dance, the more natural your ability to interpret the music and creatively collaborate with your partner will become!

Why not give dancing a try?

You might just discover a new hobby or passion!


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