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Make your wedding day spectacular, memorable, and one-of-a-kind!


Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of a newlywed’s lives. The wedding dance with your future spouse is an important part of the wedding experience. We want to help you make the experience memorable, comfortable, and exciting for you and your loved one.


Whether you want to create a unique spectacle for your guests and a memorable moment for you and your loved one, or you want to get more comfortable being in the spotlight, we can help you throughout the entire process from your first steps onto the dance floor to performing in front of all the important people in your life.

The Anchor Room will help you to make your special day as memorable as possible by helping you create and practice your wedding dance.

You’ll build the confidence to be out on the dance floor at your reception whether you’re doing traditional wedding dances or looking to spice things up with a one-of-a-kind wedding dance experience for your entire reception party!

The Anchor Room will be there to help you through every step of the way!

Getting Started With Your Wedding Dance

Starting your wedding dance is a big undertaking, but we at the Anchor Room are here to help you make the entire process as easy and fun as possible! Whether you’re looking to get comfortable with a traditional wedding dance or you want to do something fun, exotic, or otherwise surprising for your wedding guests, instructors at the Anchor Room will help you feel confident on the dance floor and will work hard to curate a one-of-a-kind performance on your big day.

Questions We Might Ask On Your First Lesson

  • What kind of music or song do you want to dance your wedding dance(s) to?
  • Who will be providing music for your entertainment? (e.g., DJ, live band, etc.)
  • Do you know what kind of dance you want to do (or) do you want to try different dances before you pick?
  • Are you having just 1 dance (you and your spouse), or will you have other traditional dances as well (like mother & son, father & daughter, etc.)?
  • Will your bridal party have a special dance?
  • Would you like your honeymoon to include dancing (which may be relevant on select getaways, like tropical, latin, cruises, big city, etc.)?
  • How much space is available on the dance floor during your reception?
  • Are you learning just for your own wedding, or would you like to learn social dance skills that will allow you to dance with your love at other weddings and dance events locally and as you travel?
  • Do you have any experience performing in public (or among people you trust) or would you like to “ease into” performing in front of people up until your special day?

Tips for a Great Wedding Dance Experience

Have patience while learning your dance.

Dancing is a new skillset and is meant to be a fun activity. Be patient with yourself and your partner as you learn – you’re building muscle memory and it takes time!

Never hesitate to ask for help if you forget something or want to master a specific element of the dance.

Join in on other group classes and social dances.

Don’t hesitate to jump into a group class or a social dance event even if it’s not “your dance”!

There is a tremendous amount of overlap between different dances and simply being exposed and trying a different dance will start to enhance your ability to dance overall.

This will also help you to work over the nerves of dancing and performing in front of a group of people – which you’ll be doing for your wedding dance!

Practice your wedding dance regularly + be consistent with your lessons.

When learning a new skill like dancing, consistent repitition is important to “lock in” what you’ve learned. Practice your routines regularly while at home with your partner, knowing your part (without your partner), and make sure not to space out your lessons with a private instructor too much (or you may spend more time reviewing than perfecting your dance).

Practice in shoes similar to your wedding dance shoes.

Once you get used to the rhythm and patterns of your wedding dance, make sure to bring shoes that are similar to what you’ll wear during your wedding dance. This will help you to build comfort with the dances in your wedding dance shoes, which will have a different feel and can throw you off if you don’t practice in them.

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